Law Enforcement / Government Agencies

MD5’s expertise is built on experience of our Managing Director, who formerly worked for 14 years as a Financial Investigator for SYP and the National Crime Squad (NCS). He also was Digital Forensic Investigator for the NCS for 6 years, along with key staff that includes former Police Digital Forensic Unit Manager(s).


Having worked alongside various government and UK Law Enforcement agencies, MD5 have the skills and experience to support numerous major court cases. For almost 20 years we have carried out mobile phone examinations for the forces such as the Metropolitan Police Service and provided digital forensic support for nearly all UK Law Enforcement agencies including:


  • The Home Office
  • The UK Insolvency Service
  • The Environment Agency
  • The National Crime Agency
  • Various non-geographic and territorial UK Police Forces


MD5 is pleased to be appointed to the Crown Commercial Service Framework G-Cloud 13