VFC 6 Demonstrations



It has been a very productive and successful couple of months what with being recommended for ISO 17025 accreditation and being able finally after the Covid restrictions to attend the IACIS conference in Orlando and most recently the ACFE Nashville event.

Lindsey and Tom did a fabulous job of presenting and demonstrating VFC 6 to the attendees of the ACFE Conference/exhibition in Nashville in June (see Photo below)

VFC 6 went down a real storm particularly when demonstrating how over the last few years it has moved forward at a tremendous and exciting pace.

The latest features included in the new release 6.1 are (this is all included at no extra cost to existing license holders):

1.     Multiple language support: VFC now supports Spanish, Dutch, Chinese (traditional and simplified), Japanese and Hindi user interface
2.     VFC log file now supports Unicode characters (for improved non-English usage)
3.     Added support for Windows 11 host and guest OS
4.     Added PWB routines for Windows 11
5.     Improved native GPT partition support and support for > 2TB partitions
6.     Explore feature now supports GPT partitions
7.     Patch VM / Restore points feature now support GPT partitions
8.     Win Server 2019

VFC has been transformed into a tool that has become invaluable to a digital forensic practitioner internationally.

MD5 have carried out a lot of development work on VFC and it is only when you get out and about again do you really get true feedback about a product.

 Here are just a few of the ACFE attendee’s responses to seeing VFC 6 (some for the very first time) which I want existing and new potential customers to benefit from:

·      Password word bypass tool and password reset tool
·      Speed
·      Standalone VM
·      User friendly both in investigation and portraying evidence
·      Prioritising capability
·      Basic triage capability
·      The price

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